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1 step 1 beat - 1 hap 1 rrahje

2019|Edition of drumsticks with inscriptions.

Commissioned by The National Gallery of Arts, Tirana for Exchanges and Misunderstandings Performance Program in the context of Best Wishes for 1999: The Jan Dibbets Collection, curated by Arnisa Zeqo.


1 step 1 beat - 1 hap 1 rrahje is a performative object - a score, an instrument and an artifact. It involves edition of drumsticks with inscription 1 step 1 beat and 1 hap 1 rrahje (Albanian translation). The objects are given to the exhibition visitors as an invitation to contemplate or to actively interpret and use the drumsticks. This commissioned work is concieved as a response to stanley brouwn’s work 1m 1 step, that is a part of Jan Dibbets Collection at The National Gallery of Arts in Tirana. Relating to stanley brouwn’s exhibited work, and presented together with the performance Heredrum, the performative object points towards a relation between a step and a meter in the temporal domain, while the bilingual inscription evokes the journey of an idea from one place to another.

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