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- Reading Reading - solo exhibition, Cukrarna Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 13.4.2023 - 28.5.2023. Curated by Mara Anjoli Vujić.

- Margins of Listening - navigating through excerpts of lecture “Composition as Explanation” by Gertrude Stein - performance, Theater Delly Solothurn, Switzerland. 12.2.2023.

In concert z u l e s e n u n d z u h ö r e n organized by Stefan Thut.

- Heredrum: Sound Intervention in Public Space essay is published in book Going Out – Walking, Listening, Soundmaking.

Eds. Elena Biserna, with Julia Eckhardt, Henry Andersen and Caroline Profanter, QO-2-Umland Publications – Brussels, Belgium, December 2022.

Distributed by Les presses du réel. More info here.

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