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2010-|Site-specific sound performance

In performance Outline, performer follows the instructions as they are being projected on the wall:

"Take a sound recording device and outline the space of the perfor- mance by scratching the surfaces, objects and people in the space with the recording device, following a chosen trajectory. Record the sound and play it back in the same space (in complete darkness) after the action is completed."

Through fulfillment of these instructions, the relations between the performer, the tactile qualities of the interior and the present bodies are articulated, while the differentiations between the event, its mediation and its performative manifestation become unclear. Outline is based on the underlying principle of using a recording device as a sound producing source in order to investigate how touch, presence, nearness, movement, tactility and materiality manifest in and through sound and conversely, how through the activity of listening to recorded or mediated sound these same sensations can be evoked and experienced. By exploring sonic horizons that appear as a consequence of tactile contact between the performer, the interior of a place and the microphone, an immeasurable and transient spatiality comes into being consisting of trajectories, volumes, speeds and densities. As such, this sonic manifestation outlines the material edges of a place as well as its negative double – the empty volume it contains.

CD with booklet released by Errant Bodies (2017) and distributed by les presses du réel

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