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Performance instructions:

Take a sound and video recording device and outline the space of the performance by scratching the surfaces, objects and people in the space with the recording device, following a chosen trajectory. Record the sound and the image of this action and play them back consecutively and separately in the same space after the action is completed.


As the instructions are projected on the wall, the performer follows a chosen trajectory in the performance space, literally touching and scratching surfaces of the built interior, objects and people in the room with an audio and video recording device. The specific sounds and moving images produced by scratching are being recorded with the device.

After the physical action of touching is completed, the resulting sound is being played back in the space, followed by a silent projection of the resulting video. In Surface Studies the live event, the recorded sound and video emerge as different articulations of the relationship between the performer and the haptic/tactile qualities of the space and the bodies present at that moment.

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