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2006|Custom-made hardware, custom-made software, water.

By employing digital technology, a virtual hole is created in the roof, through which the rain is allowed to fall through.

The installation also allows the visitor him/herself to create rain inside the building, by dripping water drops on rain sensor, installed in the middle of the installation.


On the one hand we build shelters to protect ourselves from unwanted external conditions, but on the other hand we constantly want to be in touch, to experience, to be exposed... Virtual Hole - Rain is addressing this dynamic duality of protection and exposing in a playful, naive and totally unpractical, absurd way. By doing so, it aims to create a short circuit in reasoning and therefore give space to more poetic interpretation of this ongoing duality. Virtual Hole - Rain was initially conceived at Crystalpunk workshop for soft architecture, which was part of Impakt Festival 2005 in Utrecht - NL.

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