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2011|Multichannel sound installation

Commissioned by Gaudeamus Music Week.

The installation Tuning In is a collection of found recordings where acoustic instruments play a single note “a”, with addition of recorded single strokes on non-pitched percussion instruments. The recordings are distributed over seven loudspeakers, giving the impression of a group of musicians that is tuning up. The installation brings together and synchronizes the scattered occurrences of a singular non-performative musical gesture played and recorded by unrelated musicians on unknown locations. By doing so, it is tuning to this unintentional yet ongoing and homogenous sound of note “a” that is not located in any particular place, its homogenous continuity existing in time alone.
All the sounds are downloaded from the website without being processed in any way. A poster with the list of all used sounds, their descriptions and their authors is exhibited as a part of the installation.

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