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2016|Microphone, clock, software.

Installation Unheard consists of a microphone, a clock and a custom made software that resets the clock to zero every time it detects a sudden peak in loudness of the sonic ambiance of the place where it is installed. Listening to the ambient sound and displaying the passing of clocked time between occurring auditory events, the installation articulates the relation between the measured time and the time as it is being experienced. This setting invites the visitors to focus on listening along and to explore their own margins of hearing and attention, while it is suggesting a shadow temporality unfolding in the intertwining zone between the representation and the experience of the passing of time.

A zone so lucidly outlined by Giorgio Agamben in his essay The Time That Is Left (2000):

“(…) if we represent time as a straight line and its end as a last point on it, then we have something perfectly representable, but absolutely unthinkable. On the other hand, if we try to grasp our living experience of time, then we have something thinkable, but strictly non-representable.”

Unheard is a part of artistic research project Rhythms of Presence.

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