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2013|Postcards, mixed media installation.


Untitled Time is a work consisting of a set of identical postcards with written instructions:


"Take time

Write this postcard to yourself and send it now

You will receive it sometime in the future"


The postcards are displayed within an installation which is inviting the visitors to follow the instructions and activate the work. The act of sending the postcard to oneself and being aware of receiving it sometime in the unspecified future triggers the visitor's expectation and imagination of her/his future memory of the present moment. Receiving the postcard at a later time recalls the memory of the moment of sending it as well as the past imagination of its' (then future) reception. As the work develops in time, it slowly spreads beyond the confines of the exhibition space, extending to the private homes of visitors, dissolving into a multitude of unique and personal messages. Through these processes, Untitled Time destabilizes the relations between the visitor and the artwork, memory and expectation, time and materiality.

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