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2013|Custom-made hardware, custom-made software, light, wind, water.

Undoing architecture - making space

Inside - Out is a spatial intervention based on a series of weather responsive installations entitled Virtual Holes and Virtual Mirrors, which I have been developing since 2006. The series investigates the relationship between weather conditions and the built urban environment. Each work addresses a single weather element of the immediate surroundings of a building in relation to its interior.

In the installations Virtual Hole - Rain (2006), Virtual Hole - Wind 1:1 (2011) and Virtual Hole - Sun 1:1 (2011), weather phenomena such as rain, wind, and sunlight are detected through digital sensors and are recreated within the exhibition space through transformations of the received data. Every time a raindrop falls, the sun shines or the wind blows against the roof sensors, a water droplet, a ray of light or a gust of winds is being synthesized indoors correspondingly. I call this process “undoing architecture”. The work Inside – Out is an integration of the three previous installations into a single intervention, creating a setting where external rain, wind and sunlight are simultaneously synthesized indoors, establishing a tactile presence of weather inside.

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